Sunday, September 08, 2013

Of course not..!

     Of course not..!

have you seen my sunrise?
did we stream together
along the way of paradise?
could we have chosen
another life?
don't be foolish,
of course not...!

oh that we had realised,
just how much love
could have made us fraternise.
you were golden all in joy,
was I insane to love you?
why ever-so slightly,
still, of course not...!

apples grew where blossom ruled,
in the passion of summer
had my eyes alone been fooled?
you and I had loved supreme,
something righteous like a dream.
had we sinned beneath our god?
don't be silly, of course not...!

sold the reasons to be true,
held in flames of desire
my body still aches for you.
have the dying moments gone,
did our light sail ever on?
Love never wasted time,
yet we? of course not...!