Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Point of Law.

Point of Law.

Today I'm sure I met with the devil.
Not because I saw it in his eyes,
How far he pushed the sense of truth,
To a far out reality so full of lies.
Rather because of less subtle clues,
Mannerisms learnt on the road to success.
A tidy haircut styled in Oxbridge salons,
Pinstriped suit pressed, boy he knew how to dress.

Decidedly driven and a way to compel one,
The finesse of breeding composed to a tee.
The fellow before me gauged in a smile,
I sensed now my soul would never be free.
Drawn into his spell under formal duress,
I'd lost a moment to panic, holding my breath.
His eyes began to burn all the way though,
And I knew almost sweetly, the day of my death.

Like nothing before had ever been more real,
The attraction intensified to sell him my soul.
Exquisite the feeling of betrayal to my being,
As I began to be roasted, over hot coal.
Stoking the furnace he laughed in my face,
I saw pleasure in evil calling my name.
Filled with maniacal delight to burn me alive,
Was somehow respectful to winning his game.

And still it gave witness to being divine,
The courage to taunt virtue, good over bad.
Filled the face of this almost stranger,
Stealing every ounce of decency, I ever had.
Then the judge slammed down his Gavel,
To put silence and fear into his court.
He bellowed out his shameful and final verdict,
This point of law is, for what I'd fought.