Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Corpulent and Jaundice.

Corpulent and Jaundice.

Some might say,
oh yeah it is as dark night,
that we the mortal,
become covered beneath detritis,

Pay no attention,
to all things to sustain life.
be clever, be educated,
better to be titled than let stupid

Listen and imitate,
all things that you're to be told.
don't fret yourself over,
being useful to others before you're

Learn only rules,
be not one known to complain.
do all that you're asked,
don't concern yourself with what will

Things of importance,
are always to be written in books,
learn words like corpulent and jaundice,
upon knowing their meaning, life's lessons

Believe only honour,
will come from getting it right.
it's the way of all ages,
how our species came into the

Forgetting not council,
to be the best you can be.
adhere not to expectation,
if you ever dream of a life