Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Femme Detal.

Femme Detal.

At the bottom, let's start at,
Yes let's start at this beginning.
Two came that day,
This eve in cool parade.
A welcome silently I bade,
Kept my face and heart in shade.
The atmosphere was ripe,
But I hoped I could concentrate,
On not giving the game away.
For they were passing looks,
Mine hidden in my books.

The red was glorious and sweet,
I felt the beat,
Moved in my seat,
Fidgeted for I could eat, her.
Auburn somewhat more demure,
But under cotton cloth I fear,
She had all that I could crave,
Femme detal and her glowing rear.

On this night my end in sight,
Yes my endless dream arrived.
Two came this way,
All love was very gay.
But something became later serious,
I'd dared to hope I must confess,
The day would end with a heat,
My mind on fire, living in the now.

Sirens of precious and lusty glare,
Gave signals only I could see,
The nights delight would end in three.
Red waited calmly showing skin,
I craved her warmth, another sin,
To touch her face, hands wanderin'.
Her lover passed my way,
Stopped boldly and engaged the play,
Hello”, was weak, but what else
Could I say, today, here this way ?
Thoughts behind, beginning,
Letting my end slip away....