Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Woes Of A Mad World.

Woes Of A Mad World.

Tell me girl your view.
What is it that you do ?
How have I, lost to you,
Where you were all I knew ?
Steel me in heaven,
Force my eyes to see,
A hope of Nirvana,
Coming home to carry me.

Do the crazy people know,
Just what a priceless debt we owe ?
To see and feel emotion flow,
Before the seasons come and go.
Save me once again,
Push me to the knowledge tree,
Tease a silly part of me,
That releases all the stress in me.

It's an everlastingly long debate,
About how our lives become so great.
And for what we hope and what we wait,
I hope we see before it's too late.
Give me freedom now,
To be a better way.
Help me girl obsessively,
To show me love and make me stay.

The troubles here go on and on,
As if our madness is a con-tagi-on.
We do our worst and claim we've won,
Still singing a dull and mournful song.
Do me one big favour,
Never let my spirit leave.
Share your light and love,
Give me something saner, to believe.....