Monday, January 07, 2013

Sharing The Philosophers Stone.

Sharing The Philosophers Stone.

All things are one...!

This truth is revealed to me,
In omens, through dreams,
Where heaven meets hell,
Life bulges at the seams.

She smiled, I looked, got hooked,
I offered a slice of truth,
The essence of the Emerald blue,
Elixir to return her to youth.

But not a precious hair,
I would touch upon her head,
Without an Alchemists permission,
To reveal all that they said.

We are all one......!

Unsettled by the awesome power,
Her spirit has shown to me,
I bow and I surrender now,
In the hope I'll taste what's free.

Happy in my vital work,
I give room to let her share,
The truth leading to eternal life,
When I'll lay my own spirit bare.

Called to be the herald,
Divine light beneath the sun,
Where gold is bright, the richest gift,
When our souls rejoin as one.

All energy is one...!
    All matter is one...!
        All life is one...!
            All time is one...!
                All love is one...!
                    You and I are one...!