Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And in that moment I swear we were infinite...

for as long as time remembered,
she was waiting in my heart.
calling for the love in me,
so our fantastic life could start.
Sam was all I dreamed about,
a woman full of vibrancy,
someone known to laugh a lot,
such a special soul to see.

all I held could honour us,
with the feelings running free.
my girlfriend and my confidant,
held her love for only me.
whatever happened night or day,
we were always side by side.
she took me to a paradise,
by the dashboard lights inside her ride.

windswept faces spoke of joy,
in her arms I'd never lose.
a life full of world adventures,
is what love would make us choose.
golden hair and suntanned skin,
I lived inside her deep blue eyes.
and as evening time approached us then,
my love soared among the skies.

Whatever life could throw at us,
we ride the storms and calms.
nothing mattered really more than Sam,
how I thrived when in her arms.
she promised me through thick and thin,
our love would be so truly, definite....
and in that moment as we cried,
I swear to god that we were, infinite....!

Inspired by a fictional book.
Some quotes taken from Stephen Chbosky, 'The perks of a wallflower.'