Saturday, January 26, 2013

Standard Response.

Standard Response.

Woah, woah woah, hold on,
Don't you ever
Come up for air ?
Something has angered the Lotus,
For sure she feels abused.
So how should one respond, when
All the ire is coming so hot,
So aggressively and raw ?
I feel peace no more,
Just the slamming of a door.

One day I had bathed in
The apparent light of her care,
Quite rare.
But now it's almost as if,
Mel an' I cannot speak,
A change of the aspects here,
Where everything is less than fair.
She spoke her fury blind,
I responded, in time with only kind,
No other motive upon my mind.

But again, and again, and again,
The hatred flowed and came
And came.
Had she not believed I,
Would be the person I claim ?
A man, a warrior also by name,
Living to walk a peaceful road.
Oh why should I answer,
These accusations flooding like a cancer
When only love I'd advance her ?

I shall not, no not I, not I,
Take this reason to feud,
Hate for hate.
Nor will I return the anger,
With anything but a sweetness,
The tenderness of a spiritual warrior,
To gain an ounce of ground.
She shall not rob me,
Of the energy I would give free
Or any beauty in sharing I see.