Monday, January 07, 2013



Forgive me oh lord,
For I have sinned.
I took too much comfort,
In the eyes of a stranger.
I lusted and dreamed,
Of holding her hand.
And skipping the surf,
As we strolled on the sand.

I beg oh lord,
Accept my frantic prayer.
I had a feeling of desire,
Watching symmetry of motion here.
I hoped in a moment,
Of kissing her lips.
And sensing her heat,
With my hands on her hips.

Remember me oh lord,
For all the service before.
I walked and I worked diligently,
To give good gifts to all men.
I now desperately wait,
To hear her heart beat.
And to partake of the banquet,
We'll both heartily eat.

Allow me oh lord,
To receive of your gifts,
I wait the sound of your voice,
To restore me my sight.
I glow with the spirit,
You have empowered to share.
And believe in your honest truth,
Because I know that you care.