Sunday, January 13, 2013

Didn't Know, I.

     Didn't Know, I.

So full of purpose, the days
and then a shriek,
tortured steel and an oil leak.
Fireball erupts in haste,
only here my body to waste,
cold blackness and a bitter taste.

And then I wake, a dream ?
Do you likely know my insides,
what meeting your eyes decides ?
Clueless still of where I am,
I ache and pain gives not a damn,
where regions prove I am a man.

Didn't know I would feel again,
a murmur of desire,
to be held within loves fire.
Yet tragedy has brought us close,
a taut blue apron shows, almost,
a glory of what I'd love to boast.

An angel in uniform brings alive,
some unknown feelings to survive,
be held by what has made me thrive.
Be cared for and be loved again,
have experience given by a friend,
that helps my broken heart to mend.

Hold me now closely, knowing warm,
bringing new life into me,
one to show me, how I'm free.
Grace me always in your light,
help me know just how to fight,
in love and with passion every night.

Didn't know I could, ever feel
this way about someone,
believing life, could not be such fun.
But now you call the fear away,
fill my spirits to bursting, every day,
just how I'd pray, we'll always stay.....