Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Irrelevant Gail.

Irrelevant Gail.

As Gail gingerly munched her
Chinese chicken salad,
she spoke of love.”

Mouthing the words she knew
her body shivered,
quivered with hatred delivered.

How dare he forget her
birthday was today,
she'd not forget his.

He profusely explained a lie,
why even try,
accept it was an oversight.

She felt betrayed, humiliated now
for timeless love
had all but departed.

His futile remarks were lost.
No sensibility cost
could have predicted this end.

But Gail flew for his throat,
a subtlety note,
in scathing reprimanding tones.

Good old Tony came through.
Handsome to suppress,
with his eyes he'd undress.

Feelings were short in demand.
No power to command,
if he had his way again.

So, “as Gail gingerly munched her
Chinese chicken salad,”
she spoke not a word of love....

Inspired by my friend Tereza.
Quoted from a book by Stephen Chbosky.
'The perks of being a wallflower.'