Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Like Lovers Do.

Like Lovers Do.

Here comes a rain again,
Bringing me to a newer shore.
Finding sweetness in a love,
That never takes, but is giving more.

Old and wiser calls my name,
To show me all I never knew.
Then in you walked with clarity,
Stole every hope that I'd be blue.

Caught in acts so fond and soft,
We prove the love that passion gave.
I hold you in the dead of night,
Beyond the hours we'd misbehave.

Long and hard we never stopped,
To live the life we're born to lead.
And every moment was as our last,
We fed our love and left no need.

Because our light was made to share,
We'd be blessed in everything we'd do.
As if the time would never come,
To return to heaven, where we'd once flew.

Holding hands we walked most everywhere,
We spoke the fondness of our eyes.
But lived for each precious moment,
Though we knew in time, everything dies.

And when the days finally came,
We had no sorrow to create tears.
Our life as lovers was the proof,
There'd been real purpose all these years.

So we laugh and kiss like lovers do,
Forever grateful of our time on earth.
Before the sadness of this world,
Had time to fill our hearts with mirth.

Tribute to Annie Lennox and Eurythmics.