Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Witch of the Duddo Stones.

Witch of the Duddo Stones.

Oh where do you go to my lovely,
Where are you resting now ?

Where once we met in meadows,
I remember how I'd felt.
Something stirred,
a breeze blew through,
To bring a summer to an end.
To close a chapter of my life,
And bring new ones
To begin again.

I'd seen you dancing on the mount,
Where angels once had tread.
Where you and I
Both kissed a dream,
An adventure to follow,
Till time be done.
A source of something glorious to me,
You broke the mold of witches true.
You courted me with tender hands,
And I became consoled
And ever new.

But where have you gone to my lovely,
When I sleep all alone in my bed ?

When all noises from creations abound,
And your silence
Is dumbfounding me.
The lazy day, we came to meet,
Will ever live
My greatest of all.
Will always be
A clear sweet memory,
Until we dance again in pastures new.

Odd is my notion
To be your man,
For I have known not
Before you.
For I have lived the fullest way,
Where disappointment
Was my only friend.
I'd love to live with you in peace,
Where the wonders of you
Could never cease,
Where the witch I saw
Dance on stones,
Is the one
Who holds my hand in love....