Thursday, January 17, 2013

What the Oracle saw.

            What the Oracle saw.

Follow your heart,
To the road you must travel,
Long may it prove.
Haunted by your past,
Ghosts of an evil mind,
Leaving traps, snares and worse.

The gatekeeper smiled,
But not really for love.
Her motives combined to see,
A wisdom not wholly pure,
Like the desire you carry.

Go then my love,
Into that darkness alone.
Slaying the demons of fear,
Holding in your heart,
This message,
So loud and so often clear.

Walk in the light,
Not known to others,
Who restlessly say might is right.
Carry on with your mission,
Walk on ahead,
Pay sight to what you fight.

She saw the vision,
Of a lasting peace here on earth.
From every corner a murmur,
Someone calling for
Hate to vanish, for love to shine,
Like the love of your heart,
And your hand resting in mine.

Be no longer afraid,
For we walk hand in hand.
Brothers and sisters,
We are sharing our lands.

Deceit cannot prosper,
In a place we call love.
Where prejudice has flown,
And all mankind believes.

Know that our oneness,
Is what the Oracle saw.
Many times in millennia,
Where the vision,
A perfect and noble truth,
Brought about calm.

Evil breeds from fear,
So pay no heed to it.
Remind yourselves daily,
What blessings you are.
And please remember this;
Light can penetrate all
darkness with love,
Yet darkness cannot,
extinguish the light of love.....

YOU are the ONE....!

Poem inspired from the basic ideas of Matrix revolution trilogy. BUT violence is far from my way of understanding what she saw, though Love ultimately was the reason. As it in fact always is. Love IS.....

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