Monday, January 28, 2013

November Heartbeats.

November Heartbeats.

There are many things,
That have come here,
To entertain me.
Like a burning effigy,
Of the love we once shared,
A season in coolness,
Where you had often cared.

Are you tired now,
Of the dragging feet,
A lost emotive heartbeat ?

Some knew as had I,
There were summers to come,
A house, a family,
Days to see the endless fun.

And yet November ruined,
All hope of this dream.

Forgotten oaths to life,
A promise to be my wife.
The love undone,
Bitterness yet to come....

I won't forget the hope,
Held on a tiny
Almost imperceptible heartbeat.
Before the pestilence and famine
Brought a drought for you.
To be with you, to hold,
To share in everything you'd do.

And when cruel November
Leaves for the dead of winter,
So too goes my light.
One day a smile,
A golden night of awesomeness.
We felt our hearts beat close,
A blinding dream I must confess.