Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Lasting Affect.

No Lasting Affect.

The cloistered and secret rituals,
Have not held a flame to me.
The ruse of my intellectual mind,
Has given me only confusion to see.

A day arrives and is made complete,
I fill my hours with a mixture sweet.
Of all the lies I have to tell,
Giving only disaster at the closing bell.

Learning lessons time after time,
Deludes my sense of what is right.
I've no idea what's right or wrong,
In the sunlight I walk as in the night.

When once I'd believed I'd completed,
I then instantly realised I'd been defeated.
To have sensed my day of arrival,
Left me still fighting for simple survival.

I practiced the art of patience,
To see the raw beauty of life.
But in the strange mechanics,
I knew the sharp end of the knife.

So what good has it all been,
That I should believe in all things unseen ?
When my knowledge be left to debates,
And my spirit convicts and berates.

The wisdom coming from life,
Be nothing more than empty air.
A held belief goes up in smoke,
And my emotions failing me everywhere.

One day I have known to love,
The next won't fit me like a glove.
The foundations I'd set myself upon,
Have washed away, where the surf has gone.