Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Patriots Square

Patriots Square

Gone, your loving voices
As dusk steals a memory clear.
Poppies crowd around our belief,
That you did not die in vain.
Scold not that naughty child,
Who knows not a reason why.
We place our love and friends
Of England upon the Cenotaph.

Tell them please, how brave
How courageous were our men.
Forget not all the women too,
Who's efforts went to the grave unseen.

Pretty ribbons, busy poppy
Will remind us for a while.
Though sadly with the morning,
Comes another day to fight.

Who can know the misery
Being felt by families left ?
Our guns and bombs
Have robbed the purity here.
Still we have to make a bow,
For their suffering, for strength
And the will to brave on,
When many would have fled.

I for one, hope earnestly
We could remember them still.
As we defend more love,
And a route away from here.
This lonely grave of soldiers
Building daily from conflicts.
But I pray they have found,
A haven from this suffering.

God bless all of them,
The brave who fell for us,
That we should be free....