Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What a Life! Birds so high!

What a Life!
Birds so high!

Someday you will find
Me on a favourite cloud.
High above the rain that falls,
That darkens for a little while,
The sun and all its rays.
What a life !

But I am free to dream,
Of a world awakening.
Coming alive once more with hope.
Strangers meeting strangers new,
And becoming friends for life.
What a life !

We are so blessed being here,
Though we sometimes forget to see.
A life full of endless dreams,
Coming to life in vivid colours,
For the many who keep the faith.
What a life !

No-one is saying, I hear,
We suffer not, to follow these.
But the one clear message is,
He who dares can win,
And she who dreams does.
What a life !

Countless hours will lay down,
Before the traveler in pursuit.
So fear not to be despondent,
The hills will come and go,
And your joy can last forever.
What a life !

I am so truly grateful,
To life, to love, to being me.
And as the sun sets again,
I know how to be free,
What a life, we're so high !
What a life !


Well Done again Mr Gallagher.