Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Ordinary Moments

No Ordinary Moments

Something from the ether,
Catches the corner of my eye.
Dan Millman in a halo,
Rising up to satisfy.
I needed a little reminder,
Of all the memories I forgot.
Sometimes it makes me wonder,
Am I not losing the plot ??

This day like many others,
Has a sound I recognise.
And a taste of something special,
From the pages I fraternise.
Like golden dew and mulled wine,
I recoil from knowing pleasure.
In the gentleness of reading,
I have learned a valid treasure.

Choice words are wise council,
When my spirit altered flow.
Following the earthly rhythm,
As my hopes began to grow.
Here I've found a friend,
Who knows my every thought.
Show me now with reason,
A way forward as I ought.

My basic self has cravings,
That must be treated well.
Knowing this is what my ego,
Will have obligation now to tell.
I'm not alone in knowing,
How the higher self should be.
Helping courage take the battleground,
Of this life I've come to see.

So all that appears here,
Has the opportunity to teach.
If I would seek integrity,
As my highest aims I reach.
And now the day rewards,
As this moment I review.
Reminding me of my truths,
I had forgotten that I knew.

When the whole of life is passing,
I will venture now to be.
Aware of how my actions,
Are allowed to set me free.
For in this present moment,
I can be all that I choose to be.
There are no ordinary moments,
Just you being you, and me being me...