Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Days of our lives

Days of our lives

Unabashedly my smile grows, my heart has floated too.
I'm being overwhelmed by acts of kindness from strangers,
And I cannot help myself but grow confident of love.

We're given such a short time here on earth to see,
What bounteous array of perfect souls are amongst us.
For as we came to know of them, our days swiftly pass.

If we could take the notion to avail ourselves the chance,
Be better friends and lovers moving mountains with our love.
The days of our lives, be so happily productive in joy.

The products of real action can become a blinding light.
A beacon to the storm filled rage of the foolishness of man.
Come show your time be filled with passion to create.

I look around and what I see is peace will overcome.
The need we share to be the products of true love,
Will surely reign supreme and wash and heal the pain.