Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Teddy Ruckspin

Teddy Ruckspin

I go searching ever on.
David where have you gone ?
You told me I was good,
So why have you deserted me ?
Teddy Ruckspin loves David,
He misses the caress of love.
He has not yet understood,
Just why he cannot see you.

Had he been a bad Teddy ?
A companion he knew in you.
Roaming the world in utter chaos,
You were the saviour he knew.
David has been so very cruel,
Teddy does not know why.
Teddy still wants David home,
For he could never care less.

All out here on smouldering pyre,
Nowhere is so very far away.
Teddy calls out to David,
A lonely echo alone returns.
Remember the fun we shared,
Bouncing on sprung mattress heaven ?
Days that we believed in then,
That should last forever more.

David, Teddy is pleading now,
Come and rescue me still.
Nothing can be that bad,
That we should remain far apart,
All my life I have searched,
And now I shall carry on.
For Teddy knows no other David,
Can find his roaming heart...