Tuesday, November 22, 2011



In this unused life,
Could you ever have been,
A wife, my life and more ?
Oh, dear sweet Laura,
Perchance to dream again,
The throes of young loves' passion.

Given to a foreign land,
You waited there, I came.
We ate, we drank we danced.
As a teenager you left,
Bereft, a lover lost, leaving,
But surely only this time.

Come my love and find me,
Where I had been awhile,
Talking of the dreams ahead.
Your smile, your eyes open,
Never better seen for me,
I held a captive fortune.

What gave away the present
And let it become the past,
Have we settled for less ?
I saw a tiny glimmer then,
Of all we'd hoped to be,
Our lives open to adventures.

Did you feel the breeze
Upon your scented orange skin,
My love left only for you ?

Miss Valentine a tease,
So perfectly honed to touch,
And more, my esteemed belief....
Too clever for an idle man,
But I had seen a light,
You glowed as a lanterns wick.

The seasons came and went,
For ever I had been lost,
And now more, a nightmare.
Where did you go to forget ?
Away the place has known
Silence of the wicked beach.

We walked and talked romance,
As if it were our blood.
Drained as an empty vessel,
Year upon year I feel.
No more the sunset of you,
Setting on my lonely soul.

Despite my being lost again,
My life unused, becoming faint.
I hold out a hope to be,
Governed more, by your sweet voice.
And all your wisdoms old,
Where I have trust in you...