Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Weathering a storm at sea,
I'd prefer to the task at hand.
Who could have known the speed,
By which the mighty empires fall.?

Colossal losses and budget cuts,
Terminology banded about the house.
But who of us really knows,
What measures can quell the tide.?

My prediction is of a wipe-out,
Total collapse and boardroom blitz.
The rich are sleeping lightly now,
Their loss will be much worse.

But come a day so shortly,
When all men will equal be.
No-one can manage rampant lies,
And disregard for fair hand rules.

A time old saying I recall,
Judge not, that ye not be judged.
Yet I observe the greed of commerce,
Has brought the reckoning day.

One billion dollars is healthy,
Though imagine if you will.
When the banks collapse and fail,
Those zeros will not feed mouths.

The common man will prosper,
For he knows the living trades.
And deals made face to face,
Can reap bounteous rewards to eat.

It's time the hierarchy listen,
To share fairly all our wealth.
For only now with honest men,
We can hope to rise again..