Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Going Back

Going Back

Revisiting those streets,
Alone, cold and miserable memories,
Brought me only a mirth.
Why should I still care ?
My memory would save,
If ever I saw you again.

Candles lit in homage.
A quiet room.
A distant tune.
A cold wind blowing through.

This religious reverence,
Almost a pure code of honour,
Held me rapt.
And forced me awake.
Fed me light.
And stole my pain.

Covenants being betrayed,
A life of lustre gone.
Shadows falling upon tiled floors,
Bitter sweet tears stain,
And deep caverns haunt.
You are still here.
And I alone.

Clever little tricks of light,
Filter to my eyes.
A hue of ghostly veils,
The power of unrequited love.
A scene for distant shores.
The soul of mine implores,
I'm passing all the open doors.
Behold how I break the laws,
Crushed now on flagstone floors....