Friday, November 18, 2011

Mountain High, Valley Low

Mountain High, Valley Low

                                                                                        Oh so bold thy eyes,
                                          Have seen a setting sun.
                       Upon me and our friendship,
                                                For with you my time belongs.
                                             Verily unto the very end,
                                                                          Time carries all I know,
                                               Of you and all my blessings,
                               Yet still I'll have to sow.

              Catapult me into heaven,
                                                  I will climb the highest tor.
                                     And discover every low valley,
                                                            So that I can love you more.
                                             Everlasting dreams have become,
                    A daily course of my life.
                                  When even in the autumn,
                                                     I have loved the passions rife.

                      Towards the stars twinkling over,
                                 We have fallen times before.
                                  A proof of lifes' fulfillments,
               Chasing dreams of lofty worth.
                                                                      Covered by a blanket warm,
                                     We broke the comets path.
                             Announcing hopes to die for,
                                                               How I loved to see you laugh.

  Prettiness becomes you now,
                                                           The valleys where I roam.
                                                                   I knew a life before you,
                                         Where my hat had found a home.
                             And as the cliffs and grasses,
                                                                   Showed me a lonely cragg,
                               The time I lived is frozen,
                                                             So what can I make of that ?