Monday, November 28, 2011

Eva Flavour

Eva Flavour

I much prefer the cone,
To the tub, not for shape.
Of course who would deny,
It is what is within that counts ?
But as I see the prettiness,
Glowing like a tasty beacon,
I want if all, I want it all....

All the nicest of fruity flavours,
Passion, a newly desired fruit,
Comes flooding to tease me now.
Would I scatter nuts all over,
All the layers of submissive joy,
To know an ice cream style heaven,
Before the day goes cold on me ?

From across the ether a clue,
No-one dared, 'cept me, 'cept she.
The deliciousness still on my tongue,
I savour all the notable aroma.
Golden and sweet like honey dew
Melon, were all my dreams,
Coming together without pain, only joy.

Beyond the scope of a world
Asleep and without hope of desire.
I feel as though you had noticed,
But for all the good it would do.
I have to satisfy a pressing need,
This incredible bonanza of fruit,
Must prove to bring my taste buds alive.

A kind of caramel, exotic spice,
Taken to intoxicate my only vice.
Could leave me feeling really nice,
I don't want to give, don't take advice.
But depending upon where we roll the dice,
We could taste heaven at a bargain price,
And live with our new erotic spice.

I bow to pressures, mine to know,
When tasting the blessings coming in.
Flavoured richer than a curry pot,
I know Eva flavour, so very hot !!
And in the still of morning light,
I know we'd passed a most awesome night,
My eyes have closed, I've lost the fight...

Delicious more than anyone can see,
I felt this connection holding on to me.
Believing in a flavour bringing through,
Hope of a future is what I knew.
And finding it has been my dream,
Keeping it maybe would be the cream,
That which makes my smiling face now beam...