Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out of my Mind

Out of my Mind

I'm laughing yet sad.
A joy I felt alive then,
When you were lighting love.
Young girl how did I know,
Just what I would be shown ?

Hurry home to your Momma,
I will stay and remember.
The time that your eyes,
Called me as a lover,
When I had known only desire.

What is in my heart,
Is for me alone to know.
You have no guilt, nor do I.
I fell, you tempted fate awhile,
But nothing was broken I see.

Could we have been more ?
Who truly knows the winds,
Of change that will blow ?
Yes you had been desired,
And for all that is pure.

I shall recall in time to come,
The newness of the belief.
Anything is possible when we,
Believe in our dreams you know.
And when we follow them.

Girl of my approving eyes,
Live with the passion of love.
For in you will come energy,
To achieve greater goals reached,
Where nothing is ever forgotten.

And now here thinking more,
I am happy, I am content,
To be out of my mind.
Living life to the full,
Loving you still.......