Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Way too high

Way too high

It come at one time
Or another to us all.
We assume, hope, dream perchance,
But our world sometimes fails.
Not for want of trying,
But because sharing can be hard.

My wanting is so simple,
That I could give back more.
I hoped upon a star of mine,
For surely it will save me.
Give me all I need and more,
I know no shame in this.

The goal is waiting, idling,
For a chance to come to life.
A veritable oasis of revelations,
We could reach to open minds.
A single word of agreement,
Could clinch the deal of deals.

So one last time I push,
A tickle to the fattened ribs.
Showing I'm not afraid to fight,
For things I know will be.
Words of poets harmonious choir,
Soothing a weary nation in love.

As partners in a process now,
We would share the light of hope.
New world brought forth from fiction,
And the words of poets new.
Come gather fellow travellers here,
Share sentiment and kindly words.

A beacon to the local lore,
We tell a world in slumber.
Get off your ass and breath,
Fill lungs with sharing, caring.
Be what you dreamed you'd be,
Hold nothing back and reach the sky.