Tuesday, November 22, 2011

This was the day

This was the day !

                                 Who would know my mind ?
                                 There I was,
                                        High in spirit,
                                                Low in hope of failure,
                                   But aware the painful toll.

                                 Where I am now,
                                         I could not have
                                                 Known just what would be,
                                  But I longed, a year ago.

                                 Complete the circle,
                                         Fill the blanks.
                                                  Dot the I's and cross the T's,
                                   What have I known of life ?

                                  The days belie,
                                         All changes here.
                                                   Of the errors made,
                                    And learning about the curve.

                                  My passions met,
                                        On a craggy rock.
                                                   With metabolic nausea-tic failure,
                                    And then some. Overload ahead.

                                  Walking into life,
                                         Full throttle open.
                                                   Built only to feel pain,
                                     I had known a higher goal.

                                   Uncanny to be
                                          Here today alone.
                                                    A place I've come to love,
                                      And fear not the days to come.

                                    Strange notions come,
                                           Laughing yet again.
                                                    For my heart does know,
                                       How my loyalty was beheld, and..

                                     Comforting the mind,
                                           Weeping no more.
                                                    Alive as never before,
                                        I build bridges between mountains.

                                      Forging ever on,
                                            Knowing my truth.
                                                    Years to come will bring,
                                        Kindness and a rewarding blessing.

                                      Where you and I,
                                              Live this life.
                                                     As both sides the knife,
                                         Cutting into the bonds of strife.