Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You're the poet in my heart.

You're the poet in my heart.

In the sea of love,
Where everyone,
Would love to drown,
I know a girl,
A wonderful girl,
The poet in my heart...

Wait a minute baby,
You said you'd give me love,
But you never told me,
About this fire,
This bloody wonderful fire,
Driving me beyond desire.

And you are just like,
A great song on my lips,
Divine, sweet, cherished,
How I knew it,
Absolutely knew it.
Never change..!

Hold on sweetheart,
The night is coming,
And you shall hold me down,
Take me to tinsel town,
Even if I'd be your clown,
In your eyes I drown.

This love can never stop,
No it'll never stop,
Whilst breath is in my lungs,
Your image will live on,
It'll stay with me for life,
And hold me like a wife.

Drowning is a blessing,
When my spirit soars aloft,
Held in the perfection of you,
Every tiny thing you do,
For I am in love too,
Grateful for knowing, beauty true...

A special tribute to the lyrics and melody of this song,
Fleetwood Mac.