Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ever Present

Ever Present

In the calm of my nerves,
The sound of who became.
A spirit beloved,
From days of old,
When all was gold,
And, my love bold.

Colours as if you were still,
Making love to me.
An angel of passion,
Bringing me the light,
I, shall need to fight,
For all that be right.

For the love of a maiden fair,
My eyes carry a hope.
The one whom I've known,
Before our time began,
Long before I, the man,
Was, your loyal fan.

A ray of golden sunshine,
Throws no shadows here now.
The time of romance,
Coming upon us now,
Telling joy of how,
We settle for a vow.

Complete the energy of angels,
Sown upon a loving pair.
The mighty yet behold,
How love has told,
What must be sold,
For our undying gold.

And you and I live on,
As if the universe had stopped.
Collided once in knowing,
Harmony of the day,
We thought to stay,
This ever present way.