Thursday, November 01, 2012

Hurt me More

Hurt me More

You couldn't have known,
I would hate this.
Trying to be funny,
But cringing my ineptitudes.

In a world set for ridicule,
Who else would give it ?
I tried to respond,
Like I once did.

But I am a lover,
Of all that is right.
It doesn't come easy,
For me to heckle tonight.

Blown away, here by you,
And that comical flair.
You are way to pretty,
Cut off jeans and golden hair.

You japed as I spoke,
Not words from my heart.
Ridiculing the weakness,
I have been taken apart.

Gone are the days,
I would rip someone down,
The result is a doubt,
That could ever be fair.

For the comedy angle,
It's funny to invent.
Satirical imperfections seen,
But I'd feel awfully mean.

It's not your sweet fault,
My life has been changed.
But I'm sorry I hurt you,
When you took to the floor.