Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Man Of Love.

A Man Of Love.

Few knew him as this,
But I saw him this way.
Gandhi Gee was a hero,
For he fought for peace.

He knew times would be,
Tough, fighting for the right.
But he bravely went on,
Believing in the eternal law.

Morality for him was sacred,
To be as one said, apart.
Could be the only way,
To show how love can work.

Thank god he was this way,
For without him life be lost.
Civilisation would have crumbled,
And all hope of love be lost.

He knew no way but honesty,
Believed in the love of man.
Told nothing but his greatest truth,
And died fighting for this way.

Without a stone or stick,
He produced a way of change.
Called all of heart and fibre,
To be the change he wished to see.

Who'd have thought him evil?
For he walked the earth in peace.
Gandhi Gee was my hero,
And I hope that's what you'll see.

When it came down to honour,
You'd not meet a finer man.
He showed the world a better way,
That one day will set us free.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi,
Man of peace.