Monday, November 19, 2012

Ghosts of Time.

Ghosts of Time.

Where be they now,
Those true loves of mine?
Have they flown away,
Moved on to better time?
When such words said,
Became a trap of unholy fame,
Do they still remember,
Even the slightest of whence I came?

Secretly they live again,
But I have cried for them.
Opened up that can of worms,
Since I don't remember when.
I miss their warmth,
And the holding of soft hands.
Tender moments shared anew,
As we strolled across forever sands.

It hits me mostly,
In the evening time light.
When their presence is gone,
Still fills me, a desperate night.
I'd want to say,
If ever I could be bold.
That they comfort brought,
When the final story be told.

And I remained alone,
Desperate for a nice warm hug.
Times of smiles and prettiness,
And the rolling around a rug.
But let be known,
I miss them, one and all.
They shared their lives,
As the light of love, the curtains fall.