Friday, November 30, 2012

Precocious in the most unusual way.

Precocious in the most unusual way.

If you were asked,
I know what you'd say.
"Precocious in the most,
Unusual way.”

Colourful child indeed,
Full of life, vital too,
Oh how I envy,
Sometimes I'd want to be you.

Walking only in spaces,
Avoiding the crooked lines.
Such a rare creativity,
I see you using daily,
Nothing about you confines.

All of a tither,
You flush full of joy.
Have you ever sensed,
How I love you, boy oh boy ?

Something quite unique,
I know you try to hide.
But like a diamond shining,
I am always drawn here,
To be close by your side.

For I know a secret,
And I am in love with you.
I'll never walk away,
Or lose this precious view.