Thursday, November 01, 2012

Festival for all.

Festival for all.

Above and below,
Time worn,
Ancient streets,
Comes a spectacle of fun.
New and old,
For you and for me,
And everyone.

Dancing on the square,
Jugglers balls,
Fill the air,
And comedy rings out.
I hear you laughing,
I see you shout,
And fall about.

Concerts, ballet,
Or busking folk,
This city is filled,
Bursting at seams.
I tell you, its no joke,
See what you will,
Rich or broke.

Gay is the mood,
Spectacular the array,
Of performers and food.
Telling me,
Enjoy the show,
Let the joyousness carry,
This I've understood.

Edinburgh has opened,
Her gates to everyone.
Invited the passion,
The world over.
So share with us the fun,
Walk the cobbles one and all,
Here at the Fringe Festival.