Monday, November 26, 2012

My Total Actions.

My Total Actions.

These feet drag not I,
But I they.
In a whisper comes life,
And nothing be hidden,
When our soul is listening.
Dally not I,
Run with open heart,
Into life, into love,
And into the now....

I behold the law,
That does not honour me.
I wave it off,
Along the waterside, away.
Do my feet perceive,
A shorter road than I?
For this life is revolving,
Like an eternal song,
In a major key....

Body holds not I,
For you know that I am.
As sunlight turns to grey,
My soul is ever strong.
To be above the light,
My method has to be,
As pure as crystal streams.
That this I,
Has filtered out the doubts....

Call me forth,
From the breaking of the dawn.
A silence erupts,
Deeper than the heavens,
To show me now.
In the earth I kneel,
We have shared desire.
To be just as we are,
Without a second thought....