Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Too Much Too Young.

Too Much Too Young.

Everyday, new light comes,
And with it new meaning.
A new purpose or,
An old one renewed.
Today I saw a glimpse,
Of something out of this world.

But it remained in this world,
Long enough to smile on me.
The thrill of the chase,
A love to hold and embrace.
Filled my head with passion,
Something caught by threads of fashion.

Curled into a ball,
I feel so awfully small.
Then you brought me here,
And my heart began to beat.
Lost or found, could I be bound,
To enter into your sweet heart.

In throws of lust,
Energy builds and cannot rust.
To feel your breath,
Scares me half to death.
Not because of the pain,
I only wonder, what will remain ?

It's not so much the innocence,
A life to grow again.
It seems so real and honest,
You show me all for free.
Did you lose a heartbeat too,
When you had noticed me ?

Glorious to be at peace,
Though opinions wild will never cease.
To call me foolish,
Sad and naively weak.
It's not at all their acceptance,
I would have to seek.

Though to walk with you,
And to know your mind.
Is it so awful of me,
That I'd hope a soul mate to find ?
Despite the clear and obvious truth,
That you dear girl are still a youth..

Nineteen solstices of winter pass,
And I still watch your sexy ass.
They'd call me vile,
A devious and predatory sod.
But who shall judge me,
Except my benevolent god ?

You are every bit a woman,
And I am every bit a man.
Age is not a chalice,
But to drink from it I'll reap.
A partner who understands me,
And who'll guard me as I sleep..