Monday, November 05, 2012

Ripen Red Berries

Ripen Red Berries

Are you the witch? I said unto she.
Yes I am the witch, she said unto me.
What love can you show, making me free?
I will share with you fruit, accept only me.

Can you lead me to paradise, fill me with glee?
Come close to my breast, say what you see.
I've prayed for the wisdom, I'd learned happily,
Now the witch I desired, comes running to me.

Have I more to behold, 'neath this fine tree?
What more form this witch, help me to be.
Said she, in the morning who'd kiss tenderly,
I'll be home with the stars, if you'll want to marry.

Of course I do love, her light, superbly,
Became all my dreams, 'pon the sand, 'neath the sea.
And as the witch of the life, she brought to me,
She shall carry my seed, from the heart to belly.