Monday, November 19, 2012

Corners Can't Hide You.

Corners Can't Hide You.

Morning has broken,
Like the first sunrise.
And then a flash of something,
I have looked into your eyes.

Did you awaken,
Like the love inside?
Once you became aware of me,
As I passed where you hide?

Then in amazement,
You have begun smiling.
Was it the sense of me watching,
Bringing a notion of fulfilling?

Corners can't hide,
What beauty I've seen.
I'm determined to be patient,
And to learn what those eyes mean.

Here my moment,
Approaches to hold you.
And all I can think trembling,
Is what pleasure I'll go through.

Kissing an angel,
Is close to divine.
Even more attractive the reason,
Making love, taking our time.

And then alarm,
You ready to leave.
I'm holding onto my breath,
Sense of calm, trying to retrieve.

From the corner,
You rise and call.
If you want me I'm waiting,
I'll be outside in the hall...