Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Amy's White Bird

Amy's White Bird

She called it Jordan,
Who knows why she chose,
That name, that image of fame.
But she was a woman of,
Arty finesse,
A beautiful dress,
And charisma to impress.

I admired her way,
Thought kindly of the style,
She reminded me of a queen.
For she was a woman of,
Beauty sublime,
Characterized by time,
And a presence so fine.

I asked her to do,
Create me a visual clue,
Of the talent she beheld.
She was a lovely woman of,
Talented flair,
Lustrous auburn hair,
And left traces of creation everywhere.

Folded and creased lines,
Brought a reason into life,
Displaying what she'd always held.
For she was a woman of,
Exquisite taste,
Not talent waste,
She'll not be easily replaced.