Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Creation Of Evil's Twin.

The Creation Of Evil's Twin.

Forged from the same mount,
Burned in the fires of hell,
Believe me when I say,
Evil has a twin, powerful as well.

Like chalk and cheese together,
One lives, one dies, one hopes,
One denies, one gives, one takes,
But left fighting they're on the ropes.

Evil has seemed the victor,
Has taken often the upper hand,
Comes first in the dawning,
But sheds no light across the land.

Hissing like a wild banshee,
Screaming as a crazy old fool,
His brother tho' born in darkness,
Broke free, exception to the rule.

Where noise of badness resounds,
The other brings in a calm,
Restores to us and everyone,
A life of purpose we find alarm.

The voice of Evil's twin,
Is as a rainbow 'neath the sky,
A softness in the gift of joy,
Lifts us high so we can fly.

Founded in the duality law,
He comes again to show me,
When hope seems lost in Evil,
He is the light I always see.

Do we recognise this hero,
When Evil loses ground again,
Rejoice for he shall conquer,
Love is stronger and will remain.