Saturday, January 07, 2012

Worm Hole

Worm Hole

Rocketed back to where
We walked over wet sand,
To the place where, your clothes
Were stolen. I'm back in that
Strange town with you now.

Echoes, that are not.
Silence that is noisy.
Light that brings darkness
Cold that brings heat,
Throbbing in my still heart.

All of you have been,
Here with I, they.
Now I understand just,
What is meant by Aleph.
A transporter room,
On the Enterprise, but here.

As if I never were,
But always have been,
Letting me see the unseen.
Call my name, I hear,
The Miranda of explosion
Bringing a tear.

But why and for what
Do we return to the day ?
Our first meeting, surely not
A replay of an old Movie,
We starred in long ago,
Yesterday and again tomorrow.

Fallen for a dream of you,
That fills me with wonder,
Great illustrious wonder,
The message of which is lost,
Or at least misunderstood yet.
When in the darkness I grope.
The tunnel dips downwards,
As does my hope.

Then back through the door,
Sprawled upon the lino floor,
My head and ass both sore.
And you, all of you here,
Still smiling still as bright,
Ever lonely noticing the might,
Watching as my dipping kite,
Still rocks the voices in my fight.

Sparkles glowing where I knew,
The light of law a, be the
Knowledge that I had knew.
When fresh as Daisey me,
Little autumn orb rays threw,
Desire out of the window,
And through the mirror and
Doorways too, with all of you...

A spectral journey !