Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet

Written in symbols,
Upon the glowing surface,
The words so simple,
Only the few shall read,
When they have been purged,
By fire, by life, by desire.

Today I caught,
A glimpse of understanding.
Just what was present upon,
The face of such beauty,
And residing in the heart,
Of a stranger who came.

Glory be to you,
For I have seen your face,
Put hope upon my place.
Leaving all I do today,
In the shadow of a grace,
Taking over empty space.

Favour me with love,
When I have drifted off,
Into a space and time,
When the knowing day was mine.
Reading of a perfect glance,
Setting me, into loves dance.

Secrets from the soul,
The world of unseen things,
Where light has come with rings,
And laid me down to dream.
Courage shall remain my friend,
Willpower letting me see my end.

For on this precious tablet,
Brought the secrets to a life.
Far removed from endless strife,
The name of the stranger,
Who passed me on that street,
Leaving silent gestures at my feet.