Monday, January 23, 2012

To Kizzz You

To Kizzz You

Paradise would
Yet be,
Found upon this desolate land,
Were our lips to meet.

Palpitations come
I see,
A welcoming invitation now,
Sparkles in your eyes.

Perhaps together
We'd be,
Saved upon this desolate land,
When our lips would meet.

Pressure building
I feel,
The urge to taste your kiss,
Where heaven meets hell.

Possibilities become
For us,
To recover the ground lost,
Waiting for this one moment.

Privately, passion
Is here,
Forging a new belief in me,
And a spirit to go beyond.

Parted seductively
I see,
Your glorious lips are waiting,
Wanting this closing union.

Please don't
Ever stop,
Smiling the way that you are,
Here where I long, to kizzz you.