Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones

A mighty warrior,
Six feet and ten.
Could be calmer than I,
Meditating like zen.

Wielding only might,
Of the words of men.
He has smiled so boldly,
Awakening me again.

Even if unsaid,
I felt the peace,
Such a mighty warrior,
Could yet release.

Setting fire to,
The lies of time.
Where the skillful Samurai,
Helped poetic rhyme.

Opening my eyes,
To things yet revealed.
And still to be seen,
Love being healed.

Many warriors fell,
To bring these truths here,
Where we can have hope,
And peace freer.

Especially the young,
With a courage to be,
Making the effort to,
Set mankind free.

A young warrior.