Saturday, January 07, 2012

You have missed the boat

You have missed the boat

The call was sent,
The message had arrived.
But for some unknown,
Unexplained reason, you missed
The boat as she sailed.

It never ceases to amaze,
That those who claim
To be connected to the source,
Are in fact dozing, asleep.
The hour, the day has gone
And you have no idea why.

If it would have changed,
Even one iota of reality,
I would have waited still,
And re-sent the alert.
But you are not awake,
Not listening to the voice.

Connected to what, to whom ?
Distance is the right word,
I feel it sums it all up.
What could you know anyway,
From no intelligent reconnaissance ?
A name, a place, a score.

Patronise is the way ahead,
To set this matter straight.
I vy for an understanding,
To help me work this out.
But nowhere is a tiny clue,
Of what you'd planned to do.

Be at peace though, there
Without the guiding of light.
Sell your soul to the devil,
For he sure knows your height.
And sleep for eternity, dream,
Of what you failed to see.