Saturday, January 07, 2012

My Golden Age

My Golden Age

Time is never here,
It has lost hold on me.
Days come, days go,
Where I rest no-one knows.

Not you, not I,
For fate has told a hope.
Coming every day anew,
The celebration of the heart.

What is good to one,
Not so for all, everyone.
I like you, like they,
Struggle to let it go.

But it will return,
The time of golden glory.
As a new herald, story,
To be sung again with joy.

Setting fire to pestilence,
That destroyed the crop of our.
A new golden harvest comes,
Revives the wanting we knew.

As life is a train,
We continue ever onwards now.
Changing only the rolling stock,
We face the setting sun.

And times were never better,
Than the days I'd spent with you.
Those days are as a treasure,
The golden age forever true.