Saturday, January 07, 2012

If only you'd come

If only you'd come

A breezy winter afternoon,
The chill from eastern skies.
Gave way a little later on,
To the downpour in my eyes.

Pavements licked with spattered leaves,
Roaming in the tidal sworls.
Seemed as abandoned as I,
Sipping, praying, yet no-one calls.

The rabbit hole has swallowed me,
As I fall into your eyes.
Skipping in the imagined sun,
The dreams come to tantalise.

Have you not felt at all,
The power I've leashed unseen ?
To only the angels heaven bound,
Who call the memory, what I've been.

What use this rising melody,
To throw me down again.
Where I have waited longingly,
To know the need this pain.

Our spirits live, as e'er they had,
But on a different plain.
I'd give all my love away,
If you would say my name again.

No winter day can spoil,
Despite my somber waking mood.
The wanting to share with you,
The love that spread so good.

If only you had come today,
I'd have believed 'til time was done.
The power of the mystery here,
Was as endless on the sun.