Saturday, January 07, 2012

Entirely For This

Entirely For This

Clouds wandering,
Upon the winds of change.
Brought together, because we are,
For this one moment, the present,
All that has been,
And everything yet to come.

You must have been,
Taken away in the Aleph.
Just as I, knowing
Yet not believing the truth.
We have been before,
This close, even closer still.

I wanted to hold you,
As indeed we have need
To respect that freedom,
Of time halting, still,
Waiting only on our being
Suspended in our eyes now.

So many years alone,
And still so many to go.
I will not enter the door,
To disrupt the destiny, here.
Only acknowledge it was you,
Our spirits drawn to this.

A perfect moment of life,
When I remembered my wife.
From the ancient days gone,
Returning in celestial light,
A wisp of silent might,
To continue the eternal fight.

But what if, the destiny were
Reborn to tell us go.
Live once more the fire glow,
Of love between us and sow.
No other moment need we know,
To live and let love grow.